Dental Care

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Dental checkups are a part of your pet’s annual wellness exam. Healthy teeth allow your pet to consume the right nutrition to keep organs and cellular processes functioning well. In addition, dental problems can also develop bacteria that can migrate to the heart, liver or kidneys and lead to bigger health problems.

Veterinarians deal with a number of common dental issues in pets, such as retained baby teeth, damaged teeth from accidents, decayed or broken teeth, as well as heavy plaque and tartar deposits that cause gum disease and bad breath. If your pet seems to have difficulty chewing, salivates excessively or paws at his mouth, the problem may lie in a bad tooth.

Our veterinarians may recommend a cleaning to remove the buildup of tartar and plaque that promotes gum disease and bacteria. As your pet ages, we will monitor dental problems that may require extraction to allow the animal to feed comfortably. And, as with humans, proper attention to dental health can also eliminate bad breath in pets that is often a problem for owners.

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