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Vaccinations help your pet grow a strong immune system to fight off diseases that can be serious or even fatal. Core pet vaccines in Crete are the ones that every local pet needs, regardless of lifestyle or circumstances; these include rabies and distemper. Non-core vaccines are only recommended to pets in certain environments or circumstances. Dogs or cats that are boarded in kennels, or dogs who spend time in dog parks, should be vaccinated for bordetella or kennel cough. Dogs that spend a lot of time outside in wooded areas need to be vaccinated for Lyme disease.

Beginning at about eight weeks of age, your pet should get a vaccine every month, with the final vaccine at about 16 weeks of age. Once your pet has its immune base, she will need booster vaccinations at different intervals. Depending on the vaccine, we’ll administer some of them every year, while others are only needed every three years. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about vaccination, and make an appointment for your pet today.

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